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, there is no work. >> the dot pom-- dotcom boom drew them from texas to california and now the bust is forcing them out. california unemployment rate is 11.7%. duane cannot find work and last week the bank foreclosed on his family's home. >> you viewed california as the land of opportunity. how do you view it now. >> personally, i feel like it's the land that we need to get out of, and very fast. >> reporter: the conders are moving back to texas where unemployment is lower, 8.4%. in 2010 texas gained nearly 75,000 new residents while california lost nearly 130,000. the biggest state to state shift in the country was people leaving the golden state and heading to the lone star state. and jobs are just one reason. housing is another. this three bedroom home in los angeles recently sold for more than a million dollars. yet here in a suburb of austin, texas this four bedroom home sold for $387,000. the people without bought it, moved from california. >> we'll stay here in texas and we visit california quite a bit. >> reporter: bill moved his family and computer consulting business from california to au
helped. >>> hi i want to give a shoutout to my family in san antonio texas. i love you, i miss you, merry christmas, happy holidays. >>> it didn't take long withindays of the last u.s. troops leaving iraq's a wave of violence swept through baghad this week. 16 bombs exploded killing 70 people and wounding another 200. last week we met one iraqi worried about his safety because he worked were the americans. in a follow-up elizabeth palmer talks about his spiking gear. >> days after the u.s. withdrewthe last troops from iraq and the political battle raging this new violence invoked fears that this country may be headed for a civil war. the bombs hit too close to home for a man we call terry. man we met last week in baghdad who worked with the army fighting fraud and reconstruction projects. he asked that we conceal his identity to protect him. >> what did you do for theunited states. >> i helped distinguish who werethe good guys and bad guys. >> he was on his way to workwhen one bombs exploded at his office killing 25 colleagues. >> what will happen to you ifyou stay in ironing iraq and you
to missouri. even down into the texas panhandle. shelters are being opened and hundreds of miles of interstate are already closed. >> because they're not going to make it, anyway, even if they get the past any of our check points they can't see. visibility is so poor that it makes its impossible to pass through that area. >> the storm has already proven fatal. in colorado, two died when a prison van lost control on an icy highway. nine others were hospitalized. and four people were killed in new mexico after a two-car collision. two others were seriously injured. by the time the storm finally blows through, snow totals from 4 to 12 inches are expected through grout the region. some areas could see more than two feet. emergency crews have rescued hundreds of stranded motorists. >> they have to go real, real slow. they can't hurry with the visibility the way it is, find a shelter and stay off the road. the good news is forecasters expect the snow to turn into rain before breaking up today or tomorrow. and the longer term outlook shows no major problems expected later this week. >>> so much for a
and was very impressive with texas really helps him. while trent richardson had a great year, i think maybe the honey badger's performance in that s.e.c. championship takes some votes away from him, although i had trent number two and mathieu number three. >> it's why i think rg3 is the guy that deserves the win this. i was impressed with him today, the way he approaches the game. throws the prettiest deep ball with accuracy and touch. >> i think they all are deserving to win this. but to be able to beat oklahoma and texas, and the finish beating the longhorns, was ultimately the thing i think put him the top. >> let's move to some basketball. pass the baton, if you will. ohio state, no jared sullinger today. losing at fog allen, 78-67. the jay hawks get the win for bill self's team. ugly moment in the xavier-cincinnati moment. holloway is taunting the bearkats' bench. then the bearkats respond. a brawl ensues. yansi gates is going to punch kevin freese. freese is going to get up from the floor with a very bloody left eye. after the game, a shamed nick cronin had this to say from the cincin
are in effect from southeastern colorado to kansas. the oklahoma and texas panhandles and eastern new mexico. snowfall amounts may range as high as a foot and a half in some places. >>> snow over the weekend hit parts of the midwest including indiana. the slippery conditions on the road caused some accidents and minor injuries. >>> to washington now. so many americans depend on is unknown. we all thought they had a deal after the senate battle it out and now lawmakers appear headed for another capital showdown. whit johnson has more. >> reporter: in a surprise move, house speaker john boehner rejected saturday's senate deal to extend the payroll tax holiday for two months. >> it's pretty clear that i and our members oppose the senate bill. it's only for two months. >> reporter: yesterday, boehner supported the measure, but following a series of calls with house republicans, he changed his mind. he now insists any deal should last for a year. >> i believe that two months is just kicking the can down the road. the american people are tired of that. frankly, i'm tired of it. >> reporter: bipart
down to texas. democrats say that makes a bill dead on arrival in the u.s. senate. >> their proposal doesn't have a shot. it is one of the republican senators as what we are doing here is pointless. >> republican leaders in congress are still playing politics at the expense of middle class families. >> republicans do plan to vote on the bill next week. john boehner says the bill is a compromise between both parties and is worthy of the president's signature. >> the controversy dream act, one step closer to heading to a public vote next year. announced it is no longer challenging to petition that would put the issue on the ballot. they will continue a lawsuit. the dream act allows illegal immigrants who meet certain requirements to pay in state tuition. >> another cold night on tap, but the most frigid temperatures are out there. top tells us where they are and how long it will be before they get here. and they don't speed away to escape. they speed over to target for a little shopping? we'll have details on the cab jack coming up next. >>> the washington, d.c. veteran's affairs m
willing to change their minds. ron paul is hoping to do just that. support for the texas congressman is slowly growing. >> in political terms, it means we're probably peaking at the right time. >> as for the back of the g.o.p. pack, candidates including rick perry hope a little face time will give them a major breakthrough. perry kicked off a bus tour through western iowa wednesday. michele bachmann starts crisscrossing the state tomorrow. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. >>> michele bachmann will set out on the bus tour which will take her to all 99 counties in iowa by the end of december. >>> the suburban hospital maintenance worker who was accused of killing his boss in a hospital boiler room has been found guilty. keith little was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of roosevelt washington jr. prosecutors say little stabbed his boss more than 70 times new year's day. they say little was upset about a schedule change and a poor performance review. >>> police investigating a series of church robberies in northern virginia believe their suspect may also be targetin
approval for work on a controversial oil pipeline to carry oil from canada to texas. >>> in a letter released this morning, newt gingerich will pledge to run a clean campaign and stay away from personal attacks telling supporters and staff, quote, it is critical the republican nominee emerge from this primary season unblooded so he or she can make the case against president obama from a position of strength. but it was a different story on monday when he and mitt romney squabbled over money they've made outside of politics. >> reporter: mitt romney and newt gingerich got personal monday while campaigning in new hampshire. the top contenders for the republican presidential nomination challenged each other to return millions made outside of politics. romney first called on gingerich to give back the an estimate dollars $1.6 million that he made to provide advice to freddie mac. that drew a quick response from gingerich. if governor romney would like to give back all the money he's earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees, i'll be glad to listen to him. and i'll bet yo
. a little different story out in oklahoma and the texas panhandle. we follow this storm since monday. big snows out there. we're looking anywhere from 6 to 18 inches. the heaviest hit was extreme western oklahoma. the panhandle of oklahoma and panhandle of texas. they had blizzard warnings, shoveling snow before christmas, which is a little bit unusual. they don't average as much snow as you think. oklahoma city averages 18 inches of snow. let's talk about the satellite picture, because the storm itself isn't that impressive anymore in terms of winter precipitation. there's a little bit of mixed presip tailings in extreme north western missouri, but that's just about it. a little bit of mixed precipitation through iowa. for the most part, another rainmaker through the midwest, ohio valley, tennessee valley, and into the mid atlantic. we do have a frontal boundary draped right through, bisecting the metro area. that's still pretty nice considering it's december. it could be like 20s and 30s or 30s and 40s. temperatures 50 in bethesda. 48 in gaithersburg. 51 in arlington. 50 downtown and lo
system coming out of new mexico. the snow in new mexico spreading to west texas and oklahoma. and all of this rain, boy they need the rain across texas with the drought conditions persisting there. we'll take the rain and bring it up totten ten and ohio valleys. all of this is going to be working its way toward us. we'll go to 5:00 okay, overnight showers develop by tomorrow morning. look at the rains by mid day tomorrow. potentially a second wave later wednesday, wednesday night. today 61, mostly cloudy. ton 50, showers develop overnight. tomorrow 60ish with the rain. wednesday 50 though. one of the models i like a lot saying a late low wednesday, wednesday night. clearing and colder, especially by saturday. saturday's highs only in the 30s. >>> at least we'll take today while it lasts and enjoy it. enjoy the traffic as well. things are not looking too bad for early on a monday morning. things looking great on the beltway, there is an accident in arlington. we just got word north 34th street one lane blocked there. on the interstate looking fine. everything running at speed or above.
satellite picture shows clouds heading through the rockies, while another system is on the move from texas to the mid-atlantic state. later today, parts of the southwest will get another round of snow in the southeast will be rainy with a chance of strong thunderstorms. >>> now to sports. a dramatic end to the annual poinsettia bowl game. connected on a 42-yard touchdown pass. tcu held on to beat louisiana tech 31-24. >>> in college basketball, a win for fifth ranked north carolina. at home in chapel hill against texas, the tar heels got a season high 26 points from harrison barnes. john henson added 14 points as carolina cruised to an 82-63 victory. >>> in the nba, things got a little overheated between the heat and the magic in orlando. miami's lebron james was shoved to the floor and he fell and nothing was called on magic's quinton richardson. later, james bumped him and caused a technical foul. in another nba preseason game, the los angeles lakers kobe bryant did not play because of a torn ligament in his right wrist and the clippers blake griffin scored 30 points leading the way to a
running from candidate to texas would create jobs. >> if that bill comes over to us, we will make changes to it and i will guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in there when it goes to the united states senate. >> lawmakers have until december 31 to find common ground, they aren't taking any chances. the senate is working on a plan b that would extend the tax break until february, allowing lawmakers to head home and tackle the issue in the new year. tara for cbs news, capitol hill. >>> now that payroll tax cut bill also includes a provision to extend benefits for people who have been unemployed for a listening period of time. if the payroll tax bill or a short-term version of it does not pass, that means those benefits would vanish for millions of americans. >> baby jesus is back in his manger after being snatched tuesday night. he is part of a nativity scene at the central park shopping center in fredericksburg. the blue-eyed plastic figure was stolen once before back in 2005 and after that, he was filled with sand and concrete. he weighed 80-pounds when he was stolen. poli
's still ahead. but first, making criminals out of child play? why the people in one texas town accused the city council of doing just that. we'll explain coming up. >>> fairfax county schools now can install surveillance cameras inside their buildings. the school board approved a plan allowing that late last night. there are some restrictions. schools can only put the cameras in cafeterias, hallways, and other gathering places. not in locker rooms, or classrooms. >>> a 12-year-old charged with a crime for firing a nerf dart gun? the park city council passed a gun control ordinance that would ban firing any gun in the city limits. that means any gun from rifles to bb guns and nerf guns. anybody with violations would be charged with a fine of $500 and well, as you might imagine, the parents and the mayor do not like that one bit. >> what it does is it criminalizes 12-year-olds who get a bb gun for their birthday and go out on their 2-acre lot and shoot at a target in the backyard. >> i'm not looking forward to getting a $500 fine for that happening. >> how could this all happen in tex
. >> saturday's compromise requires the president to speed up a decision on an oil pipeline from canada to texas. he wanted to delay that decision on the controversial project, but republicans say it will bring much needed jobs. members of the house are expected to return next week to debate the payroll tax extension. the senate also passed a $1 trillion year end bill by a 67- 32 vote. it includes day-to-day budgets for ten cabinet departments and military operations in iraq and afghanistan. it also fills in details of the budget tax reached last summer that holds the pentagon to the smallest increase in recent memory. and poses modest cuts on most domestic agencies. >>> in the philippines, devastating flash floods are being blamed for more than 400 deaths. many of the victims were asleep friday night as flood waters triggered by a tropical storm tore through homes and villages. piles of debris were left in the wake of the storm. survivors waded through swollen rivers and flooded streets to reach safety. >> occupy wall street protesters have been arrested in two cities. new york city police arr
to get rid of one storm. we'll get rid of a little energy. it doesn't look like much in texas. this is going to be our next storm as we get into tomorrow night. we have about 24 hours in between storms. the clouds are going to stay tough. but the warm air is going to also hang tough and be with us right on through tomorrow night. this is the area that is now just coming into texas. you can kind of see the tropical jet coming on board here and that is going to roll in here again tomorrow night. in the meantime the first storm is pretty much gone. all of the showers across the bay. the frontal boundary is to the west of us. 60 in bethesda, rockville. 59 in arlington. 60 in springfield and 60 in reston. we would be pretty happy with these temperatures in october, let alone late december. so here is the deal. mild through thursday. mild again tonight. it looks like both commutes tomorrow will be dry. both the morning and evening commute. the rain comes in quickly thereafter on thursday night. and behind this system dry and just a little bit cooler on friday. but we trade the 60s f
and snow to arizona, new mexico, even parts of texas, western texas a wintry mix with some rain elsewhere. then in the great lakes to the northeast, that's the cold front that will be coming through. which will just cool us down a tad as we head into the day tomorrow. but not much more than that. expected to come through with very little fanfare later on this afternoon and this evening. high pressure build information behind it. so we'll -- builds in behind it. so we'll be in good shape. the next weather maker to the west on saturday through chicago, maybe headed to detroit by sunday. but around here, hey, we're looking good for another maybe three, four days. so enjoy it. 56 today. 50 tomorrow. after starting in the 20s and 30s. winds won't be that strong although it will start to turn around more to the south late tomorrow. sunday milder and youer 50s -- milder and upper 50s after another cool start. weather should be great for the game on sunday. monday, mostly cloudy around 60 and then look at tuesday through thursday. increasing showers, decreasing temperatures but still relatively m
to discuss as texas a&m takes on northwest. ryan tannehill passes to jeff fuller for the touchdown. the emotion was running high in that 33-22 decision for texas a&m. >> nice win for the aggies against the big ten. cincinnati taking on vanderbilt. >> right out of the gate. throws for the touchdown. gives cincinnati the lead. vanderbilt comes back. spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in there. he is going to look into the end zone. what a pass. catches the ball just like willie mays used to. >> mike johnson there as well. pass intercepted and he put its back 39 yards for the touchdown here. penn state, the search continues for a head coach. after repeatedly staying he would remain the head coach of the titans mike muncha k's struggling with the decision. if muncha k's heart is torn about being the man to fix and make it better. the situation should be resolved during the week. >> mike munchak was a former teammate of mine with the houston oilers. the one thing you would consider, bud adams is 88 years of age. h
tour. gingrich plans three stops in dubuque. texas governor rick perry is on a campaign bus tour through iowa. he's running a campaign ad that takes aim at washington lawmakers. his rivals, bachmann and paul. faw washington is the problem, why trust a congressman to fix it? >> many political analysts believe paul may have the best chance of winning in iowa. the texas congressman has a loyal base of supporters in the state. some who have not been stopped working. but in a race that's cycled through front-runners, iowa is still anyone's to win. terrell brown, cbs news, washington. >>> former utah governor jon huntsman has not campaigned in iowa. he's concentrating on the new hampshire primary that is being held january 10th. >>> meanwhile, president obama is considering whether to allow yemen's outgoing leader into the united states for medical treatment. ali saleh agreed to step down last month after months of violent protests in his country. he's seeking treatment for injuries he suffered when rebels stormed his compound earlier this year. >>> the man accused of killing two peopl
's a look at our national picture. the satellite radar picture combined and you can see basically that texas is getting much needed rain in parts of new mexico getting snow showers. also snow will be falling in the colorado area as well. basically the middle of the country is where we are looking at some cold fronts coming through and then we'll eventually start to see some of that impacting our area slowly. it's a slow moving cold front. you can see impacting parts of the middle section of the country north of texas into parts of kansas, missouri, and in the plains. we have high pressure in the mid atlantic. we have clear skies. another cold night, but then we'll see plenty of sunshine. so, chilly saturday for your weekend starting off and milder for your sunday. great for holiday prep. showers arriving by tuesday. slow moving cold front that we're going to see here. here's a look at your forecast overnight. clear and cold. lows will be 27 to 37 degrees. tomorrow morning mostly sunny and cold. we need a jacket. winds will be light. sunrise at 7:09. hopefully we'll be sleeping in. afternoon
we know one thing, rick perry will not be on the ballot for that day's virginia primary. the texas governor didn't get enough signatures to have his name listed and neither did michele bachmann, john hudson or rick santorum. romney and paul have the required 10,000 signatures of virginia registered voters. the state board of elections says it is still verifying the names gathered by newt gingrich's campaign. >>> new at 11:00, a panel of federal judges says maryland's congressional redistricting map does not discriminate against black voters. the three judges dismissed the lawsuit today. the nine plaintiffs didn't satisfy the burden of proof to make their case. >>> new information tonight about that arlington woman who's been fighting to keep a mural outside her business. we first introduced to the problem painting outside kim houghton's doggy day care back in january when the county told her it was really just an illegal sign and had to come down. but howton says it is a work of art and not an ad. she says the fourth u.s. circuit court of appeals has agreed to hear her case next ye
. but the texas congressman quickly fired back. >> actually one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. i don't. >> i think the more iowa yins look at ron paul, the less attractive he'll come. >> they police the world, tell other people how to live. >> a new cnn time orc poll shows paul trailing mitt romney by 3 points while former front runner newt gingrich plunged to fourth place. >>> perry filed an emergency order in federal court today. perry is asking for an injunction to ask the board of elections to include him off the ballot. virginia left him off because he didn't get the required number of signatures in on time. it came one day after he filed a lawsuit over the whole issue. >>> the virginia senate race is now a little less crowded. tim donor announced he will no longer a run for the legislation. it was because of the overwhelming support for the other nomination. >>> well, it has now been one full year since a teenager named phylicia barnes disappeared. police found her body months later. she was from north carolina and today friends a
claim they stole the personal information from stratfor, a texas-based firm. clients include apple, the miami police department and u.s. air force. the department of defense told cbs news there had been, quote, no impact on pentagon networks. >>> a christmas tragedy in texas. police say it was murder and suicide and happened after they finished opening presents. our station in dallas-ft. reports. >> reporter: the merriment of the holiday was overshadowed by a horrific crime scene. seven people were found shot to death inside this apartment unit. investigators say the victims include four women and three men and range in age from 18 to early 60s. police believe they are related but can't elaborate. investigators say it appeared the family had just celebrated the holiday, unwrapped packages were found. as were two handguns. it's still unclear what led to the deadly shooting but police do believe the gunman is dead. about nine hours later, investigators turned their attention to the vehicles parked outside the crime scene. >> they believe the vehicles are related to the victims inside
at fort hood, texas. >> reporter: it's the day 20-year-old brittany hampton has been waiting for. how you feeling today? >> excited. really excited. >> reporter: the day her husband returns home to her and her two girls, four-month-old aubrey and two-year-old sophia. >> who is coming hom today? >> daddy. >> i love my girls to death but it is so hard doing it all on your own. >> reporter: the family hung welcome signs and will greet their father in their sunday best. james hampton has been in iraq since february. >> you're so proud. you're overjoyed. like, they're doing something so-- so courageous, and just-- you know, you couldn't-- you couldn't ask for a better man. >> reporter: not far away, the thomas boys were a little less cieptive than the hampton girls in their preparations to see their dad. erica thomas' husband, captain darren thomas, has done four tours in iraq. so this is kind of an early christmas present for you. >> it sure is. it's an early christmas present for my entire family. my three-year-old son is excited that his daddy is coming home. >> reporter: darren jr. knows h
in time for christmas. nearly 200 soldiers arrived today at fort hood in texas, where the rain and wind did not dampen their relatives excitement. family members screamed upon seeing the troops in the first calvary division and then ran on to the field. the soldiers left iraq about a week ago. >>> a christmas homecoming turns tragic for a california soldier returning from afghanistan. 22-year-old christopher sullivan was shot friday night at a party that friends threw in his honor in san bernardino. two-party goers got into an argument and one of them fired at sullivan, who's now in critical condition. the gunman fled the scene and at last report was still on the loose. >>> in political news tonight, republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich is off the virginia presidential primary ballot. that word tonight from the state gop which says both gingrich and texas governor rick perry failed to submit the 10,000 signatures required to appear on the ballot in march. the former speaker says virginia has, quote, a failed system. gingrich also says right now there's no clear republican front
pennsylvania, ohio, back toward indiana and this actually goes down toward texas. it is all moving off toward the east. where temperatures are well in the 40s this morning. in fact, 49 on the bay in annapolis. 46 coming in from prince frederick with bowie checking in at 45 along with scott at andrews air force base. la plata, 46. some of the cooler temperatures here in the valleys, petersburg, cumberland in the 30s. oakland at 50 degrees this morning in garrett county. our highs later today, 50s north to some low 60s south. high in d.c. right around 58. monika, stepping in from the left side. i like it. >> you notice it is a little different. i usually like to enter from the other side. don't move me around so fast. if you're planning to head around the beltway, things are looking fine. there are no problems all around town. first of all, we'll take a live look into rockville at route 355 in the heart of rockville there. no problems to report. as with you come in from frederick down to the beltway on route 355. let's see if we can take a look at the other side of town. 355 at route
're raining by 8:00 p.m. there is a lot of rain in texas that will race quickly off to the northeast. the fog issues down south. down the river here fort belvoir, quantico, fredericksburg, stafford up toward culpepper. many areas at a quarter mile or less. over to the tappahannock airport is where we're seeing the fog. the rest of us have some clouds and breaks and some cool temperatures west in the low 40s. 39 in manassas. gaithersburg, 47. 54 in tappahannock. in d.c., we're at 49 degrees right now with light winds. pretty comfortable. dew point at 44. texas storm developing quickly. look how fast the rains in the last 12 hours have really expanded. now, the energy responsible for tornado watch, across parts of louisiana and in ispy until 1:00. not out of the question with the rains tonight we may get a couple of rumbles of thunder to mix in as temperatures tonight will dip into the 40s and tomorrow only recover to the 50s but the rain, the clouds by noon. the rain after dark tonight will be heavy at times. here is a look at the next three days. 61 today. rain tonight. gets out of here proba
-southwest wind. for us a storm system coming out of new mexico and texas look at the snow and the blue here headed toward oklahoma city. south of that slightly mild air. heavy rains texas, extendling up into southern illinois. this rain goes up to buffalo and rochester. there is a front with this. all going to be sliding slowly east. today the rains will say to our west. in southern indiana and western tennessee. i think we start with showers tomorrow morning. steadier rain midday south and east might take a little bit longer to get there. we will see periods of rain tomorrow and late wednesday night we could see another wave, bringing rain maybe mixed with snow. 61 today. tonight about 50. tomorrow 60 with the wet weather. wednesday in the 50-degree range. and cold tore finish out the week. >>> all around town. things were actually looking good monday morning. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed. you can see the beltways looking good all around town. first of all at 95, no problems to report from dale city. into springfield on to 395 they are looking good. no problems to report here. traf
. generally a tenth of an inch, maybe 15 hundredths of an inch. we'll zoom in. some moisture back into texas. this is the second storm. this is great news for texas. rain throughout most of the eastern 1-half of texas. that is incredibly good news. that is going to be our rain tomorrow night. we'll get a rest tomorrow. lot of clouds, yes, but it will stay dry for the morning commute and the evening commute. right now we just have some clouds. all the showers are gonna cross the delmarva into the ocean. look at the temperatures. still 60 downtown. 57 in gaithersburg and leesburg. it's 54 in fredericksburg and this is crazy warm, 55 in cumberland, we jump the divide it's only 45. that's not much of a drop. both commutes should be dry. that said, rain comes in pretty quickly thursday night. mild again on thursday. we'll hit 60 because we hit 60 already. rain again thursday night. this is a much more significant event. probably a half an inch to maybe 3-quarters of an inch. and then dry and cooler on friday. we're going to trade the 60s for the 50s. it's not exactly going to be crazy cold. overn
of the appalachians. albuquerque at 30. in areas from new mexico and southwestern kansas oklahoma texas panhandleles, this is going to become a blizzard. rain in west texas. tomorrow a front is going to slip toward us. that will bring rain chances late tonight and tuesday. these clouds increase later in the day. showers in new york and new england. along i-70 through indianapolis, showers here and there late tonight tomorrow, tomorrow at noon. wednesday morning this will move in on top of us for wednesday. forecast today low 50s increasing clouds late. a few showers tonight and thursday. near 60 on wednesday with the rain developing. saturday rain which may end as a little bit of snow. >>> if you are planning to head around town, one can only hope it stays this wii. right now things are looking great all around the beltway. south side of town. speed limits at 65 miles per hour. inside the beltway on 66, 395 and even here on 25 heading over to the 11th street bridge. northbound of i-95. you may encounter a bit of volume there. but then it looks fine. we'll look at 66 inside the beltway, no problems t
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construction of an 1800 mile oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama wants to put off a decision on that. >>> today, the senate is also scheduled to vote on two proposed constitutional amendments requiring a balanced federal budget. neither one is expected to pass. >>> federal saving safeties are recommending banning all electronic devices while driving. that includes talking on a cell phone even hands-free and texting and e-mailing. national transportation safety board cause such devices a deadly distraction. according to the government distracted driving caused 900,000 crashes last year. 417,000 people were injured and 3,092 were killed. bigad shaban has more. >> reporter: john makes many of his deals on the road. he's a fabric salesman who spends about three hours a day while talking on his hands-free cell phone. >> if i don't have that luxury, then it means almost wasted time while i'm driving. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling for state bans nationwide on the use of portable trng devices while driving. >> that does apply to bluetooth, hand-he h
mexico and the texas panel handle. fast-falling snow whipped by furious. 40-mile-per-hour winds made a dangerous situation turn deadly. >> four people were killed and two seriously injured in a two-vehicle accident in eastern new mexico near the texas border. authorities believe heavy snow and high winds are to blame. the storm is also being blamed for two deaths in colorado when a van lost control on an icy highway with snow and wind that obscured the western landscape, the southwest snowstorm made its way east to kansas. in garden city to the west, the storm slammed the heartland's highways, affecting cars, suvs and tractor-trailers alike, all left stranded along the road. the blizzard started monday in new mexico, forcing the closure of multiple inner state around the town of ratone. >> they told us it's whiteout conditions. >> more than 50 miles of i-25 were closed north from tan sa faye to colorado. >> even if they get past any of our checkpoints, they can't see. visibility is so poor that it makes it impossible to pass through that area. >> reporter: the pre-christmas winter bl
texas cut for another year. democrats want it lowered even further to 3.1%. democrat jim mcgovern. >> i am not sure if my colleagues understand how americans are struggling, what feels like to be out of work. >> reporter: unemployment insurance is the other major sticking point. democrats want to maintain benefits at their current level of 99 weeks, an all-time hail and democrats want it scaled back to 9 weeks in january and 59 weeks by mid 2012. republican david dreier. >> our goal is to encourage reemployment of our fellow americans who are having a difficult time trying to make end's meet. >> reporter: then the clash over how to pay for all of that. democrats want 1.9% surtax on millionaires, while republicans want to impose a federal worker pay freeze for another year. and charge higher rates for mortgages backed by fannie mae and foreheareddie mac. if all that isn't enough to divide the two sides, president about him is giving the government 60 days to aimprove or reject the construction of the controversial pipeline from canada to texas. the president wanted to wait to make that d
into west texas where they're worried about freezing rain and some snow. you can see the snow falling in arizona. that's going to spread into new mexico and colorado and south dakota. maybe even wisconsin saturday night. now for us, closer to us anyway, we've got the front coming through michigan and northern indiana headed to ontario. this is going to pass -- well the weather with this is going to pass north of us. the front will pass us this afternoon. that's going to switch the wind around and for us, just cool us down a little bit as we head into the day on saturday. so next three days pretty good. 56 today. back to the 20s and 30s tonight. now tomorrow, chilly and 50. winds should be pretty light tomorrow and sunday. wind will turn back to the south and southwest so milder on sunday. upper 50s -- redskins and jets game, should be perfect football weather. tuesday, some showers possible. 60. and wednesday and thursday, now, mild and damp. temperatures in the 50s. here's monika samtani with the update. >>> thank you so much howard. i am happy to say that overall generally speaking
of the snow will be moving into the texas area over the weekend. so folks in new mexico and texas may be getting a white christmas. i'm going to zoom in here into the new mexico area where we have snow falling and where you see these areas in white. especially the higher elevations getting us snow. also rain in parts of central texas and you know they need this rain. that is welcome relief. their christmas present for the weekend. >>> here's a look at the mid-atlantic and in our area hey, it is quiet thanks to that ridge of high pressure. much of the east coast is quiet. a lot of folks are getting into town and we are going to see this quiet weather pattern con into the weekend. temperatures are falling 5 in bethesda. 46 in college park. 5 in an nap list -- in annapolis. chilly, then milder. dry and cold for tonight, sunny saturday. but chilly. that means chilly for the redskins game. christmas day though, dry and milder. so for tonight what can you expect? you have holiday shopping, bring out the jackets, partly cloudy and cold. saturday morning partly cloudy and cold. you will need
the southwest on monday. closing highways from new mexico to texas. >> they told us that it's whiteout conditions. >> it was really crazy. i slid off in the media. was there for several hours waiting for help and took me three hours to get 30 miles. >> four people died in an accident along the new mexico, texas border where blizzard conditions are rare. and authorities say the storm may have been a factor in the crash of a single engine plane which killed five people. plows worked to clear major roadways including 25, 54, and 70. with snowfalling at 1 to 2 inches an hour, it was hard to keep up. drivers are being advised to stay put. >> go real, real slow. they can't hurry with the visibility like it is. just find some place where they can get to a shelter is the best thing and stay off the road. >> the storm is expected to wind down later today. winter doesn't officially arrive until just before dawn on thursday. terrell brown, cbs news. >> glad that's not us. there is one bright spot, however. the storm is providing a big boost to hotel owners along those closed highways who are
the the website of a texas think-tank and stole thousands of credit card numbers. they posted part of the data online and claimed it was using the information to make gifts to charity. their clients include the u.s. air force. >>> the candidates are takingchristmas off but the pollsters are not. >> whit johnston has details. >> today mitt romney got achristmas gift from new hampshire. a new poll has him winning over 32 points. >> although he trail newtgingrich he has pulled better with independents. -- independence. there are 24 nnldz the democrats and republicans have them beat but their numbers have been preliminarying. flipping. president obama's victory was due to a surge of independence knows he has to do more to win back their support. jim kessler is a senior vice president ever third of third way. >> they are very fickle votersyou don't know what they are going to do. as americans grow more disgusted with dysfunction in washington and turned off by bitter party politics candidate may want to think purple instead of red or blue. >>> in sports better late thannever for the nba. the leagu
he'll continue no matter the outcome in iowa, texas governor rick perry is not so sure. when asked if there is was an oucome next tuesday that would force him from the race, perry said, it might, if that is, quote, god's will. >>> one republican candidate isn't focusing on iowa. jon huntsman spending his time to win voters in new hampshire. huntsman says the iowa results will soon be forgotten. >>> the day after the iowa caucuses president obama will campaign in ohio. a key state he won in 2008 but it has been hard hit by the economy and that will be the focus of the president's visit. yesterday, mr. obama and the first lady visited the memorial honoring the more than 2,300 americans killed in the attack on pearl harbor in 1941. and threw flower petals over the sunken halt of the "uss arizona." >>> north korean political and military elites are uniting around kim juong-un who replace his late father. military says anyone expecting them to ease its confrontation with the south is, quote, foolish. >>> on board a dry dock nuclear missile submarine that caught fire. it's unclear whethe
coast has mostly clear skies and showers are heading into texas. later today, cold air spreads through the midwest, up to a foot of lake-effect snow expected to hit the great lakes region. sunny skies and mild temperatures in the southeast. >>> in sports, ben roethlisberger plays through the pain to lead pittsburgh over cleveland. in the second quarter, scott paxson comes down hard on roethlisberger's ankle. x-rays turn up negative so big ben comes back in the fourth to toss a antonio brown and he scampers for a touchdown. steelers take down the browns. >>> jim irsay said last night he does not see a glimmer of hope that quarterback peyton manning will return this season. manning had surgery on his neck in september. without their all-star quarterback, the colts are now 0-12. >>> a seismic shift in baseball this morning. hometown hero albert pujols is leaving st. louis and going to los angeles. the three-time national league mvp signed a ten-year contract with the angels worth $254 million. that's the second highest in major league history. pujols spent 11 years with the cardinals and
. >>> meanwhile texas governor rick perry has lost his first round in his bid to get his name added to the ballot. yesterday a federal judge declined perry's request for an emergency order requiring his name be on the ballot. perry argues commonwealth's primary ballot requirements are overly burdensome and unconstitutional. the judge is going to hear more arguments in the case on january 13th but that's after the ballots will be printed. >>> as the clock ticks closer to the iowa caucuses, gop candidates are busy trying to shore up last support there. duarte geraldino has more on what the candidates are doing to get ready. >> reporter: mitt romney's campaign bus pulled into a packed warehouse in iowa trying to rev up voters. on stage the former governor attacked president obama suggesting he was out of touch with struggling americans, even comparing him to famous french queen. >> i watched the president, he says it could have been worse. that goes down there with let them eat cake. >> reporter: romney and ron paul currently lead the polls in iowa but their rivals are trying to cut into the momentu
, there was rough weather in texas, arkansas, and illinois. the snow, ice and strong winds made highway travel dangerous. >> lots of wrecks. lots of sliding into curves and breaking the tires off their beads, cars rolling over on their tops. >> little rock, arkansas, and nashvill nashville, tennessee, could get an inch of wet snow today. >>> now to politics. mitt romney has unveiled what he calls his closing argument, promising a more aggressive campaign. and president obama is also on the attack making it a pitch to the middle class. tara mergener is in washington with more on all of this. good morning, tara. >> good morning to you, betty. republicans are trying to keep the president on the defense over the weak u.s. economy. in the meantime, mitt romney is ramping up his campaign as newt gingrich surges in the polls. mitt romney is battling to take back his lead in the gop race. >> now it's time to make our case to the people. >> reporter: and in arizona tuesday, he promised a more aggressive campaign ahead of next month's iowa caucuses including a new wave of tv ads and appearances. the for
pills can last all day. ♪ on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> pelley: most americans dreaming of a white christmas will have to go on dreaming. snowfall will be limited just a little bit here and there and a lot of people who make a living on snow are worried. we asked michelle miller to find out what's driving our unusual holiday weather. >> reporter: the grand opening at the bear streak mountain ski resort was anything but grant. it was a balmy 42 degrees and just one of the 21 trails was open for snowboarders like haley schulz. >> the conditions are really rough. there's not much snow. >> reporter: last december, nature provided 20 inches of snow here. all of this snow was man made thanks to snow-make magazines which cost nearly $5,000 an hour. mark schroetel is the bear creek general ma
that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. presidential race, mitt romney took the high road today at a town meeting in cedar rapids, iowa. he declined to criticize newt gingrich. just yesterday, romney's supporters began running an attack ad that called gingrich untrustworthy. three weeks before the caucuses, romney is running second in iowa. gingrich leads with 31%, romney is in a virtual tie with ron paul at 17% and 16%. paul doesn't get a lot of attention in the media, so we asked dean reynolds to catch up with the texas congressman. >> there's no doubt in my mind that the bigger the government is, the smaller your liberties are. >> reporter: ron paul is 76 years old, think it is civil war was a mistake, that the i.r.s. should be abolished, and that the u.s. should withdraw from much of the world, leaving allies like israel to fend for t
. four children are dead after being shot by their father in southeast texas. 24-year-old jose adela shot his children and his wife before shootings himself. friends and police say the family has a history of violence. gonzalez had been staying in a shelter for battered women. >>> a former new orleans police officer has been sentenced to five years in prison for helping cover-up deadly shootings with unarmed residents after hurricane katrina. 30-year-old robert barriso is the officer. police shot six people killing two of them on the bridge immediately after the 2005 storm hit. >>> los angeles county is under a state of emergency following one of the worst wind storms in a decade. powerful santa ana winds toppled trees and downed power lines thursday. knocking out electricity to more than 350,000 customers. high wind warnings and advisories were also used for several other states including utah, nevada and wyoming. >>> the time right now is 4:35. at 4:40. holiday sales numbers are rising, the latest on the shopping spree coming up in your money. >>> at 4:48. you better prepare for higher
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